Denise Maffey & Associates Ltd Chartered Accountants

Our Costs

The accounting fee is a made up of the the time taken, the skills needed, the degree of urgency, level of risk, etc. We do as little as necessary, but that can still be more than what you think is needed.  We're happy to work with you to ensure that you understand how the fee is worked out, and what your likely level of charges will be.

If we are working on a project of sorting out some back taxes, we will often split the task in two - so you will get one set of fees on the current stuff, and a separate fee for the arrears.  This will also help to make sure that you are able to keep current things current.

We find that one of the best ways of saving costs is to get us to do your two monthly GST. The six GST returns plus the end of year accounts is around the same price as if you did your GST and we did the final tax accounts. How can that be - well, one of the most challenging parts of the accounts is checking your GST workings. If we do the GST, that saves a truckload of work at tax time.

People have this idea that putting things on a computer will save fees. Usually it doen't, and often it will mean that your accounting fee is bigger. We still have to check what you've done, and we have to reconcile that your taxes are correct, and we have to make sure that you have grouped your expenses correctly, and only claimed what you should and made the private use adjustments....  It's not just a matter of putting everything on the computer - it needs to be put on correctly, completely, and in a timely manner. Plus, you need to feed and water the computer - every week. Even if you don't feel like it. If you do not keep it up to date, then eventually you will fall behind. Isn't it better to just let us do what we do best, and keep you up to date with IRD.