Denise Maffey & Associates Ltd Chartered Accountants

Tax, Accounting, and Us 

We really get our kicks out of doing the books and the tax.  Chances are, though, that what floats our boat may not spin your wheels.

We believe that the best use of your time is for you to do what you enjoy doing, to do what you excel at.  We do all the normal Chartered Accountant stuff - accounts, cash flows, reports for the bank, and of course doing the tax and keeping IRD happy. 

We take the time to work out what you think you want, and then work from that towards what you need.  Sometimes what you need may be less that what you think, sometimes more. 

Many of our clients get us to do their GST, some just want us to do the end of year tax. Sometimes it's a simple health check on your tax account.  Every so often it is the unravelling of a BIG MESS. 

So if you'd rather be doing what you do best, or at least spending your time on earning a living, then give us a call.



Accounting is only
a means of

Its purpose is
not to provide
stimulating intellectual

exercise for those who
do it, nor to give them
a pleasant means
of passing the time.

If it does not
meet the test
of telling the
 reader something
that will help

them, it fails in
its prime purpose.